Monday, July 12, 2010

The FIFA World Cup 2010.... A dream come true!!!

It was in 2006 that I first went to onsite. To South Africa to be precise. It was the same year that South Africa was chosen to host the FIFA World Cup 2010. I never thought I would get to see a World Cup football match live; that too on my compay's expense :-).
And here I am now in South Africa; just for 3 weeks which align with the World Cup, writing this blog after the Finals. There was Paul the Octopus, which is making 100% accurate predictions & here was I always making the wrong predictions.
Japan vs. Paraguay, saw it live after much effort to get hold of tickets. And then the final in 3D at a local theatre. Bought an original Spain jersey dirt cheap before the Final match & Spain won. It cant get any better than this.
And I almost forgot. I got to hold the original FIFA trophy in my hands & I got myself photographed with it. (see my facebook profile) :-)
Enough of making people jealous. I will have to end this blog here.


Pappul said...

saala ... har global event ko pahuch jaata hai South Africa ... Nihilent sasural ban gaya hai tera ... great experience ... !! :)

Kuch Is Tarah... said...

Kamine jala sale humko.... tere ko khopche me lete hai ek din.... :)